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Stink bombs gone high tech

I'm not sure whether super villains with their chemical fogs came up with the idea first or whether it started with those ladies at the perfume counter squirting everyone who ventures anywhere nearby, but there is definitely a boom going on now in messing with your enemy's heads through their noses, and I'm not just talking about the smell of a pizza parlor when it gets to be around lunchtime. I would say that the idea began to be noticed with animals and the way they would sniff around one another's smelly parts and was transferred over to people who are sometimes (not always) more discreet about the sniffing, and the difference between pheromones and perfume is that perfumes smell pretty (mostly) while pheromones smell like the back end of some livestock or something that's been decaying for a long time, plus the behavior it causes doesn't come out of the pleasant sensation but by something deep inside a person's nose that is hardwired directly to some primitive part of the brain that's mostly unconscious, so if you wanted to take over a person's unconscious mind you might just try cooking up some of those smells on your own to dose over a metropolitan area maybe or else more of a one-on-one kind of thing. The main drawback being of course that while your making up your batch of love potion or whatnot you don't want to get a face full of the stuff yourself, and probably don't want to get it all over your dungeon too because who wants to face that kind of cleaning job, I ask you?


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